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Sanitaire SC3683A Detail Cleaning Canister Vacuum Review

Sanitaire SC3683A Detail Cleaning Canister Vacuum – Is This You Are Looking For?

Sanitaire SC3683A detail cleaning canister vacuumHave you ever experienced using a vacuum cleaner that gives you all the convenience you wish for? Well, if not, here comes the Sanitaire SC3683A Detail Cleaning canister vacuum that will surely provide you powerful and convenient cleaning for various types of floor.

In addition, it has the flexibility when it comes to cleaning surfaces aside from your floor such as stairs, pieces of furniture, drapes and a lot more. Having this kind of vacuum handy at home will surely help you in all types of cleaning chores.

Home owners will love this cleaner as it gives worth to all the investment. This is surely true because of the many beneficial features that can be found in the product.

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The Sanitaire SC3683A Detail Cleaning Canister Vacuum Main Feature and Specifications

Sanitaire SC3683A is a very worthy investment because of the many beneficial features it offers:

  • This is a compact, lightweight vacuum with 10 amps of power to help you in cleaning the floors.
  • It uses HEPA filter that can capture 99% of small particles such as allergens, irritants, and pollutants.
  • The 20-feet double insulated commercial power cord is long enough to clean an average size room without moving to a new power outlet.
  • The Disposable Dust Bag is easy to install and empty.
  • The sound level at Operator (dB) of 71 is just average and not very loud as compare to some other vacuums.
  • The cord storage allows you to store the cord underneath the unit when not in use.
  • Included accessories like telescopic metal wands, deluxe dusting brush, crevice and upholstery tool, carpet and bare floor nozzle tools to reach difficult cleaning areas at your home.
  • 2-year part and labor warranty.
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The Pros, Cons and Customer Reviews of This Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

No doubt that every vacuum has their strengths and weaknesses, here are some of those that we discovered for Sanitaire SC3683A vacuum:


  • This cheap and small vacuum has a lot of suction and accessories attached.
  • It’s lightweight for easy carry away (has a handy shoulder strap). The bottom wheels make it easy to move from one place to another.
  • Changing the bags and filter is super easy!
  • It works well with wood, cement, tile, linoleum floors and carpet (as well as on window trims and upholstery).


  • The additional tools might be awkward if not put on place properly. However, once put in place the use of this vacuum cleaner will be placed on optimum.
  • Some complaint that the vacuum is a bit noisy.
  • The bags and HEPA filter use is only available online but this is not a bit problem since online is more convenient.

Customer Reviews and Scores:

Through my research on various online stores, the average customer ratings for the product are 4.3 out of 5 stars. Many reviewers gave it a perfect score of 5, stating about the efficiency of the product. I hope you can read some of the reviews at as this vacuum also one of the best sellers in commercial indoor canister vacuums.


Is The Sanitaire SC3683A Canister Vacuum Suitable For You?

The Sanitaire SC3683A commercial canister vacuum is perfect for those home owners who wish to clean the hard surfaces, bare floors and above-the-floor cleaning. In addition, this canister vacuum also comes with several carpet cleaning attachments for low-pile carpet as well as area rugs.

This Sanitaire bagged canister vacuum model not only can be use in your house but it also ideally featured for use in education institutions, hotel, government and building services environments.

With the use of this Sanitaire canister vacuum your home will feel and look fresh as always because it can remove all the dust, dirt and any other unwanted elements that are present inside your home. With this, your home will certainly be free from any harmful substances that might harm your family especially that are allergies.


Conclusion: This is a Quality Commercial Vacuum with Affordable Price!

I would highly recommend this vacuum for anyone in commercial as well as home cleaning!

If you want to always be prepared of a reliable vacuum that will help you stay in a clean and fresh looking home or office, Sanitaire SC3683A detail cleaning canister vacuum is one of the good choice you have.

Having this kind of vacuum handy at home is a great thing to practice. Therefore, if you want to give the proper worth to your investment don’t hesitate to turn to this product as it will certainly give you what you need.

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