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Panasonic MC-CG902: Is This Canister Vacuum Good?

Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister Vacuum– Top Features, Pros & Cons, and Customer Feedbacks

Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister VacuumThe good suction Panasonic MC-CG902 is a canister vac cleaner powered with Panasonic OptiFlow™ Technology that can really picks up small rocks.

This Panasonic vacuum works great on hardwood floors and does just as well on area rugs. It’s very easy to use, and gets underneath of furniture so you don’t have to do much moving.

The control switch is on the handle so that you don’t have to bend down every time you want to turn it off or switch from carpet to floor settings. The cord seems long enough for you to vacuum a normal room, and is auto-retractable. There are other rich features of this vacuum cleaner which is outlines below.

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Let’s See the Top Features of Panasonic MC-CG902 Canister

Here are the great features of this Panasonic MC-CG902 canister vacuum cleaner:

  • Powerful 12 amp motor offers excellent cleaning ability.
  • It has dual-motor system helps extend the life of the belt.
  • The handle with power on/off switch let you easily control the vacuum.
  • The Power Nozzle comes with overload protection (reset button) that can stop the Power Nozzle motor when the brush jams and prevents belt breakage.
  • The suction control allows you to change vacuum cleaner suction for different fabric and carpet weight.
  • It uses the HEPA media filter that can captures small particles such as allergens, irritants, and pollutants.
  • The 360-degree hose swivel allows the hose to turn without moving the canister. This is helpful for cleaning in small areas.
  • It has a thermal protector which automatically trips to protect the vacuum cleaner from overheating.
  • The cord is 24 foot length enough for cleaning a normal room (with automatic cord reel).
  • Product dimensions: 15 x 12.5 x 44.5 inches; Pepper red color.
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Note: For more detail instructions on how to use all the above features or how to correct them when encounter the problems, download the user manual here.


What Are The Pro and Cons of This Panasonic Vacuum?


  • 14-inch cleaning path (nozzle) can clean larger areas in less time.
  • The handle control switch let you easily turn it off or switch from carpet to floor settings.
  • Curved carrying top handle makes it easy to use on steps, carrying and maneuvering the vacuum.
  • Good quality brushes (real hair bristles on the dust brush)
  • 4-position carpet height adjustment – for proper carpet and bare floor adjustments
  • Various tools on-board: Floor Brush, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Brush, Crevice Tool, 2 Chrome Wands
  • Various special features – Thermal and overload protectors, Active brush edge cleaners, Hose swivel, and suction control.
  • Full one-year parts and labor warranty covers this unique vacuum against defects.


  • Tool & bag lids are hard plastic, meaning you’ll have to be reasonably gentle with them.
  • The extra attachments, excepting the one for the floor just slide on, rather than clip.
  • The headlight goes off in the floor mode.

The customer reviews I’ve extensively read on this Panasonic vacuum have mostly given a positive rating but some do complaint about this vacuum. So I highly recommend you read yourself the customer reviews at


Conclusion: A Good Vacuum That You Can Rely On!

Overall, this is a reliable product from Panasonic. With all the features, customer reviews and ratings, you should seriously consider buying it if you want to get a new canister vacuum. With the price of the unit, I should say that it’s a real deal!

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