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Is Miele S6270 Quartz A Powerful and Reliable Canister?

Miele S6270 Quartz: Full Review Discover Everything!

Miele S6270 QuartzMiele S6270 Quartz’s durable and innovative construction is made to capture and firmly retain over 99.9% of dust, allergens and dirt. Its powerful, near-silent motor provides major noise reduction without sacrificing its power.

Miele Quartz canister vacuum also features the AllTeQ Combination Floor Tool, which is great for cleaning rugs, smooth flooring and low-pile carpeting.  This vacuum cleaner allows easy transition from carpeted surfaces to smooth floors through its rocker switch. A long electrical cord and stainless steel wand are also included.

With a cleaning radius of thirty-three feet, Miele Quartz S6270 is a brilliantly designed cleaning solution that offers maximum performance in a stylish, space-saving design. It also includes 3 accessories – an upholstery tool, crevice nozzle and a dusting brush.

For those who are looking for a Miele vacuum cleanerthat offers a powerful performance without taking up a lot of space in their home, then this Miele Quartz is the best one for them. This review article will discuss the things that you should know before you get this canister vacuum.

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What Are The Features and Specifications of This Vacuum?

Miele is dedicated to providing sophisticated home appliances, so you can expect to get the best features from Miele S6270.

  • Lightweight and Powerful – 1,200-watt Miele-made Vortex Motor with motor protection function and safety shut-off to make the vacuum last longer.
  • 6-stage Suction – Its rotary dial power selector is adjustable and ensures that correct power level is applied for the surface that is being cleaned.
  • AirClean Sealed System – Miele Quartz S6270 is proven by independent lab tests to be more than 99.9 percent efficient in capturing as well as containing dirt, allergens and dust.
  • Auto-Seal Closing FilterBag – It locks in dirt, dust and allergens when the FilterBag is detached.
  • Stainless Steel Wand – With its stainless steel wand, Miele S6270 can deliver a maximum operating radius of thirty-three feet to easily reach the areas that should be cleaned.
  • AllTeQ Combination Floor Tool – It is ideal for rugs, smooth flooring and low-pile carpeting. Miele S6270 Quartz’s foot switch lets you go from carpeted surfaces to smooth floors with ease.
  • One-touch Cable Rewind – The long power cable come with rewind feature completely retracts the cord without the need to stand on its switch.
  • 360° Castor Wheels – high maneuverability and easy to move from room to room.
  • On-board Tools – It comes with a dusting brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery tool.
  • Product Dimensions – 9 x 10 x 17 inches; weight less than 10 pounds.
  • 7-year motor warranty and 7-year casing warranty.
  • For more details, I highly encourage to watch the video below:

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The Pros and Cons of Miele Quartz S6270 Canister Vac


  • It’s a Germany engineered, quality and durable construction that will surely last for a long time. The 7-year warranty periods are unbelievable!
  • It offers a whisper-quiet performance and a lightweight design that will surely suit every homeowner’s taste.
  • This vacuum cleaner uses 2 filters – an air filter and a motor filter. Both filters do a great job and are part of the reasons why this vacuum will last for a long period of time.
  • Long power cord with 33-feet cleaning radius make your cleaning done faster without re-plugging.
  • Several on-board tools make it ideal for any surfaces including low-pile carpeting, rugs and hard-flooring. A quick click of the rocker switch makes transition between floors and carpets easy.
  • The FilterBag change indicator alerts you when to change the hygienic bag.


  • It has a bag and while there is the added cost of the bag, it makes sure that there’s no dust spillage.
  • Its handle is a little odd ergonomically. Using this all day would be hard on the wrist, but for once a day vacuum cleaning, the handle is just fine to use.

If you want to read the positives and negatives customer reviews related to this vacuum, click here. To download the user manual of Miele S6270 vacuum, visit here.


Miele S6270 Quartz VS Miele S6270 Topaz

Please note that most of the features of Miele S6270 Quartz and Miele S6270 Topaz are same, but they have two features that set them apart.

1.)  Miele S6270 Topaz comes with a Deluxe Handle that features Electrobrush Controls. This feature guarantees an ergonomic grip with an easy to use on/off power switch. Miele S6270 Quartz’s handle, on the other hand, is bit odd ergonomically.

2.) Miele S6270 Topaz also has a Parquet Twister that rotates 180 degrees, providing remarkably agile cleaning for all smooth areas. It has an Electro Comfort Electrobrush that is ideal for cleaning rugs, smooth flooring and low to medium-pile carpeting.

3.) Since the features are better, the price for Miele S6270 Topaz is more expensive than Quartz.


Conclusion: This is a Quality Canister Vacuum That You Can Buy!

Miele supports everyone’s passion for a healthier, more comfortable and cleaner home with its modern and sophisticated vacuum cleaners. The company’s quality filtration systems also enhance the quality of air in everyone’s home.

Miele S6270 Quartz is just one of their quality vacuum cleaners that aim to help homeowners maintain a healthy and clean environment. This vacuum is made to maximize efficiency and performance in a durable and stylish, space-saving design. Miele S6270 Quartz is a must-have item if you want to make sure that your home is free from allergens, dirt and dust.

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With the features and numerous benefits it can provide, you’ll get what you have paid for with this vacuum.

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