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Why S5 Series of Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners?

S5 Series of Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners That Worth To Take Note!

Update: The manufacturer had stop producing the S5 series of canister vacs as it’s replaces by S8 series. Click here for Miele S8 series canister vacuums comparison table.

Since 1899, Miele has been dedicated to producing state-of-the-art home appliances, and we support your passion for a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable home with our innovative, award-winning collection of vacuum cleaners.

All the Miele models are made in Germany and made to last longer. The Miele canister vacuums have a 20-year average life-span. The S5 series are more expensive than the Miele S2 series.

The Miele S5 series vacuums are suitable for cleaning all types of floors including carpets. This is because of it excellent features and several on-board accessories attached. Many customers gave positive reviews for various S5 series of canister vacuum cleaners. However, we only recommend two of the S5 series models below:

Miele S5281 Callisto Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars.

The following are the great features of the vacuum: Miele S5281 Callisto Canister Vacuum

  • Powerful 1200-watt, high-output Miele-made Vortex motor system.
  • Suction control via rotary dial with 6 variable power settings to easily adjust to different surfaces while you clean.
  • The unique Auto-Seal closure instantly locks in dirt, dust and allergens when the FilterBag is removed.
  • Impressive 33-feet operating or cleaning radius ensuring you to reach the intended place easier.
  • Overheating lamp to safety shut-off on overheating.
  • Long power cord with automatic rewind feature.
  • With a 5-level height adjustment and an independent motor, the electrobrush delivers the ultimate in cleaning power and suction. It’s suitable for use on medium to deep-pile carpeting.
  • The Parquet Twister floorbrush rotates 180° — offering exceptionally agile cleaning for all smooth flooring.
  • The crevice nozzle, dusting brush, and upholstery tool can be conveniently store inside the Miele S5 Callisto.
  • It comes with unbeatable 7-year motor and casing warranties.
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Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum

Our Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars.

The vacuum features that you can expect: Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum

  • Powerful 1,200-watt Miele-made Vortex motor.
  • Deluxe comfort grip handle with electrobrush control and six-stage suction controls via +/- hand controls.
  • Uses standard active HEPA filter with filter change indicator and 12-stage AirClean Sealed System.
  • The Auto-Seal closing FilterBag ensures that particulates are never released back into the air once they’re captured.
  • Integrated dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle.
  • Impressive 33-feet operating or cleaning radius ensuring you to reach the intended place easier.
  • Overheating lamp to safety shut-off on overheating.
  • Long power cord with automatic rewind feature.
  • Electro Premium electrobrush for use on low to high-pile carpeting; and the Parquet Twister for the gentle cleaning of smooth surfaces.
  • It comes with unbeatable 7-year motor and casing warranties.
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Miele S5481 Earth Canister Vacuum

This model is recommended since it released but now it has been replace with newer model: Miele S8590 Marin Canister Vacuum. So, I suggest you get a new model.


Why S5 Series of Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaners?

1) Purposeful Design

Miele vacuum cleaners are instantly identifiable by their unique design and stylish character. Careful attention is paid to every curve, angle and line ensuring that the only thing rivaling the vacuum’s beauty is its functionality.
Skillfully crafted to provide easy operation, effortless movement and remarkable efficiency—Miele’s beauty is far more than skin deep.

2) Comfort Handle

The new ergonomically designed comfort handle sits easily in the hand, making vacuuming much more enjoyable. This feature is standard on the Callisto, Earth and Capricorn models.

3) Easy-to-Use Controls on the Handle

You can’t ask for anything more convenient than this! The S5981 Capricorn comes standard with controls on the handle to regulate suction power. Simply press the +/- buttons on the handle to adjust the power level.

4) Comfort and Versatility: The Miele Wand

Vacuuming with a bent back is not only exhausting but also places unnecessary strain on your back. Thanks to the telescopic adjustment on all Miele S5 vacuum cleaners, the length of the suction wand can be adjusted to suit individual users.

5) Intelligent Automatic Setting

When the automatic setting is selected, the power level of the vacuum cleaner adjusts automatically to suit the floor surface currently being cleaned and ensures the most thorough results. And because the guesswork has been eliminated, there is no need for you to adjust the power level yourself—now that’s technology working for you!

5) Silence setting

All Miele vacuums are known for their quiet operation, but a special sound insulation makes the S5 particularly quiet. The new silence setting combines the lowest noise output with the ideal power level for optimum cleaning results.

6) Parquet Floor Brush SBB 300-3.

A mixture of polyamide and natural hair ensures a gentle cushion for this floor brush which makes sure that tile, wood and other smooth surfaces are cleaned thoroughly with extreme care. It has a 90° rotation and is exceptionally agile at cleaning around obstacles such as table legs and in tight places.

7) Clip System

Each section of the wand, the hand piece and the floor tool, is firmly connected by Miele’s unique locking system and cannot, therefore, separate unexpectedly. Each piece can be easily released by depressing the latch.

8) Durable Bumper Strip

The fully-integrated bumper strip made from soft plastic goes all the way around the vacuum to protect both furniture and the vacuum in the event of a collision.

9) Maneuverability: Three-Point Steering

The three smooth-running 360° castor wheels mounted on steel axles ensure maximum stability and maneuverability for your vacuum cleaner. They are cleverly designed with a travel ramp to help you maneuver your vacuum easily over thresholds and around obstructions.

9) Convenient Park System

For short breaks, the wand and floor tool can simply be inserted into the park system on the back of the canister. This allows you to answer the door or the telephone without having to rest the wand assembly against a wall or furniture where it could potentially fall causing damage or laying it on the floor, which can be unsafe. On selected models, when the park system is used it also switches off the vacuum motor, saving you time when you are interrupted.

9) Double-sided Wand Holder

For safe storage and easy transportation, two indentations on the outer casing allow the floor tool assembly to be hooked onto the canister when it is upright—one on either side. So no matter whether you are right-handed or left-handed, the S5 offers you an ideal solution. If you need to carry the vacuum cleaner up and down stairs, you will have the other hand free to hold on to the railing or to be multi-tasking.

10) Six-level Power Adjustment (Some models has 3-level only)

The power setting on the S5 can be adjusted on six levels, depending on the type of flooring you’re cleaning or surface you’re dusting. Easy-to-understand graphic symbols indicate which setting is best suited for different kinds of surfaces, such as rugs and carpets, drapes or hard floors. On select models, the power levels are back-lit, making it easier to find the right setting.

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