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Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum EL4300B

Genuine Review For Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum EL4300B

electrolux ultra active bagless canister vacuumThe Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Vacuum EL4300B is a great product that can get your home clean quickly and easily. Made for both professional cleaners and at-home moms, this 12 amp powerful motor canister vacuum can be used in office as well as at home.

Electrolux is one of the global leaders in floorcare appliances especially vacuum cleaners and there’s good reason to see why. But the most important thing is that the vacuum cleaner can do it jobs with great support from the company if you encounter any problems.

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The Top Features of Electrolux UltraActive EL4300B Vacuum

Okay, let’s look at the product top features because I know how important they are to you. This Electrolux canister vacuum is compact, excellent cleaning ability with top air performance! The two large wheels and power nozzle make the cleaner move effortlessly from carpets and rugs to bare-floor surfaces like tile, linoleum, or hard wood.

For above-floor cleaning, the vacuum provides an array of on-board attachments including a dusting brush for curtains, lightweight fabrics, etc.; a crevice tool for corners and crevices, and the upholstery tool for upholstered furniture.

Here are the great features of this Electrolux Ultra Active bagless canister vacuum EL4300B:

  • 12 amps of powerful motor provide strong suction for cleaning home/autos.
  • Powerful cyclonic technology – Bagless cyclonic system separates dirt from the air for continuous high suction power and better air environment.
  • It use HEPA filter for easy cleaning and able to remove 99.97% of dust and allergens.
  • DeepClean Powerhead provides a deep, powerful clean for all floor surfaces. It also has LED headlight for easy cleaning especially the dark areas.
  • It allows you to turn the powerhead ON or OFF using the slider control on the handle. Use the slider on the cleaner to adjust the suction power. For details, free download user manual here.
  • It uses the easy-empty dust cup that releases dirt and debris into the trash with a touch of a button.
  • It comes with automatic cord rewind feature with the press of a cord rewind button.
  • The Telescopic wand and ErgoShock storage solution keep this vacuum compact and tidy when not in use.
  • It comes with tools that can be use to clean a bare-floor surface or above floor surface. Accessories like telescopic wand, dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool and bare floor brush are included.
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 11.5 x 17.5 inches; weight 12.5 pounds.
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What Are The Pro and Cons of The Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300B?

As always, every vacuum have the advantages as well as drawbacks. The following outlines in more details.


  • The lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver and hose wrap let you can stores and transport easily.
  • It uses a high-efficiency cyclonic technology & powerful 12 amp motor delivers superior cleaning.
  • It’s easy to carry with ergonomic carrying handle and come with 5-year limited warranty.
  • The multi surface brushroll switch let you clean multiple floor types and brushroll stall indicator lets you know when to check your brushroll dealing with different floor types.
  • It provides an array of on-board attachments including a telescopic wand, a hose and hose handle, a crevice tool, and a combination nozzle/brush for curtains, bookshelves, frames, and more.
  • The vacuum power cord is about 21 ft long, so you don’t need to plug and replug as you move from room to room. Cord rewind feature is available with the push of a button.
  • It’s bagless for added convenience and HEPA filters can remove dust and allergens effective.
  • The 2 wheels let you easily move the vacuum from one place to another.


  • There is no indication when the dust container is full. So you need to lift out the dust container to check that the cup is not is not filled passed the max fill line.
  • It’s a bagless vacuum but it has four filters the air has to pass through. One washable foam filter about an inch thick, a thin fiber filter, an HEPA filter and then another 3/4 inch thick foam filter!

Anyway, I highly recommend you read the customer reviews online before you get any vacuum. Some customers do recommend this canister vacuum but some users also complaint about it; you can found the genuine customer reviews here.


Conclusion: Highly Praise Canister Vacuum with Affordable Price!

Well, this Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300B deliver almost everything that you needs while cleaning your house for your convenient. We would say that it’s a good if not the best vacuum that you can rely on.

The price also very affordable for all and if you are looking for an Electrolux canister, then this is definitely your ideal choice!

Where to get the Electrolux Ultra Active Bagless Canister Vacuum, EL4300B for the best price?

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