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Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Compact Canister Vacuum Review

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Dyson DC26The Dyson DC26 is a lightweight bagless canister vacuum for all floor types. As Dyson’s smallest, lightest canister – it works like a full-size Dyson machine, with no loss of suction power using the Root Cyclone technology.

The company also used the ultra-fine carbon fiber brushes to reduce static and remove dust from hard floors. The Lifetime washable HEPA filter traps microscopic allergens added another plus to this vacuum cleaner.

Dyson is already a renowned vacuum cleaners manufacturer and everybody knows it only manufactures the best of items. So, no doubt the Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum is another great vacuum cleaner from Dyson.

The DC26 is sometimes referred to as the Dyson “DC26 City” because dwellers of city spaces typically have less storage space, and this canister packs up small to fit in tiny spaces.


Let’s See the Top Product Features of The Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Vacuum

Okay, let’s look at the product top features because I know how important they are to you. Following are the summary features of this Dyson multi floor vacuum cleaner:

  • It made from top quality materials, ABS polycarbonate. The same materials used in crash helmets and riot shields.
  • Powered with patented Root Cyclone technology – this vacuum don’t lose suction power as you clean.
  • It’s bagless, so there are no costly bags to replace.
  • It anti-static carbon fiber brushes can remove dust from hard floors.
  • It articulating hard floor tool help you maneuvers easily and cleans narrow gaps.
  • It’s lightweight and compact make you can easily carry and store the vacuum on a save place.
  • The dust can be easily clean with the push of a button.
  • It has washable HEPA filter to captures allergens and expels cleaner air.
  • It has 5 year warranty (parts and labor).
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What Are The Pro and Cons of The Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Vacuum?


  • Concentrated Root Cyclone technology for consistent and no loss of suction during cleaning.
  • The suction power is 160 air watt (constant).
  • Two big fixed wheels for easy movement.
  • Expels cleaner exhaust air with HEPA filter.
  • Hygienic and quick to empty dust – just push a button.
  • Bagless, save cost!
  • The cord is 16.5 feet long, vacuum maximum reach is 26.3 feet.
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5 height x 12.6 depth x 8.3 width inches
  • Unbeatable 5 year warranty – parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson.


  • The cord is not very long so you may have to move the plug more often.
  • Some suggested that the brush should be separate from the crevice tool.
  • Doesn’t pick up bulky things (like cheerios)

If you get the Dyson DC26 vacuum now, you will receive the following items:

  • Dyson vacuum (DC26 Multi Floor).
  • Quick start guide.
  • User’s manual.
  • Turbine head.
  • Combination accessory tool – Debris nozzle converts to a brush tool for dusting.
  • Articulating hard floor tool to cleans the narrow gaps.

Most of the customer reviews I’ve extensively read on some online stores for Dyson DC26 model has given positive ratings but there are some also complaint it. So I strongly recommend you read the real consumer reviews yourself here.


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