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Is the Cheap Eureka Pet Lover Mighty Mite 3684F Good?

Eureka Pet Lover Mighty Mite 3684FThe Eureka Pet Lover 3684F is a canister vacuum cleaner that specially designed for those homes that have several dogs, cats or any other animals with long hair. Hence, this cleaner is not for extensive carpet cleaning but you still can use it on hardwood, concrete and vinyl.

This great thing about this lightweight and cheap canister vac is that it’s able to pickups the animal hair and dander quite fast. With the powerful 12 amps motor, telescoping pole and long cord makes it efficient enough to clean your house pet hair.

Another plus point is that this vac has a HEPA filter, good for those allergies, as vacuums without it can spit out a lot of dust while vacuuming. Of course it also has some other features that you need to know before getting it.

Let’s Look the Vacuum Features in More Details

Here are the great features of this pet lover vacuum:

  • A compact canister vacuum cleaner that’s specially design for pet hair removal and it can be use for bare floors and carpets as well.
  • A lightweight cleaner with just about 9 pounds for easy moving; the 11 inch cleaning path allow you to clean the floors faster.
  • Uses the HEPA filter that can capture 99.97% of dust and pet dander for a cleaner home.
  • Long 20 foot power cord can reach larger space and clean faster with powerful 12-amp motor. Also included is a telescoping wand provides extra-long reach.
  • Pet Power Paw removes pet hair from carpet and upholstery. Plastic teeth loosen it, a rubber strip grabs it and bristles remove it.
  • Blower Port that can blows away the dirt and debris pets track into the garage, basement or workshop.
  • Arm & Hammer odor-eliminating dust bag eliminates pet odors and captures allergy-causing pet dander.
  • The onboard tools including crevice tool, floor tool and  upholstery nozzle/dusting brush.
  • The unit is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.
  • For a low price, it’s a must-get canister vacuum for pet lover. Click here for more info of this vacuum now.


The Good and Bad Side of The Eureka Pet Lover, 3684F


  • Cheap cleaner (affordable for all) and lightweight for easy movement in any areas of your house. Suitable for all floor types.
  • Good for pet hair with the attachment for better cleaning.
  • The 20ft cord is long enough to reach everywhere on an average room without having re-plugging.
  • Several on-board attachments included.
  • You can expect a great customer services from Eureka.


  • There’s no retractable cord but it comes with convenient cord storage.
  • The hose was easy to bend as it’s make from plastic.
  • No bag change/receptacle full indicator.

To tell the truth, there are many users with different reviews that worth to take a look. Some users did complaint the cleaner while some others are praising it. So I highly suggest you read the real customers reviews here.


Conclusion: Average Vacuum with Good Value for Money!

This is a nice lightweight little vacuum for the money. It’s not the best vacuum for pet hair but for a cheap price you cannot expect too much of it. Actually the cheap price comes after a huge discount at online store like

Actually we also do the research for you and found that Amazon is offering the vacuum at the cheapest price among the major online stores and it also comes with free shipping.

So if you are thinking to get a canister vacuum that able to clean your pet or cat hair, this is one of your choices that you cannot miss.

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Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum – A Factual Unbiased Review

Eureka 3670g mighty mite canister vacuumThe Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite canister vacuum is a powerful vacuum, easily maneuverable, convenient for storing, the noise is not too loud, and a good price. It’s one of the best seller canister vacuums on major online stores.

Even though it’s fairly basic, but the necessary tools are quite complete. The hose is long enough to reach the ceiling without effort. It’s also removable and can be attached to the back of the machine to create a blower.

You can use it for sucking up cat/dog hair or kitty litter, vacuuming hard floors and indoor/outdoor carpet, or even cleaning little crevices and tricky corners.

This Eureka canister vacuum is light enough to pick up with one hand and carry anywhere and the cord also quite long. If you’re looking for a reasonable vacuum with the best deals, this will more than suit your needs. You can get it here.


Let’s See the Top Product Features of The Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum

Okay, let’s look at the product top features because I know how important they are to you.

Here are the summary features of this Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite canister vacuum cleaner:

  • It’s lightweight with powerful 12-amp motor for maximum cleaning ability.
  • This bagged canister vacuum includes a triple filtration bag system to ensure the air freshness at your home.
  • 2-settings height adjustment for easy switching between cleaning the bare floor and area rug.
  • It has 20-foot power cord with long extension wand allows you to clean wherever you want to go. No cord rewind feature and the cord is store under the cleaner when not in use.
  • It has 6-piece attachment set with onboard tool storage; 7-foot crush-proof hose and 2 extension wands help the cleaning process easier and faster.
  • It also includes the crevice tool, upholstery nozzle/dusting brush and carpet/bare floor nozzle provide easier access to even the hard to reach areas.
  • The blower port blows debris from garage or workshop for maximum convenience.
  • It has 1 year warranty.
  • If you want to buy this Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite canister vacuum, you can get them on sale at through this link.


What Are The Pro and Cons of The Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum?


  • Inexpensive – Cheap was their biggest selling point and now it comes with great discount. You could replace it every year before spending on a high-end vacuum.
  • Lightweight and compact – This design makes the vacuum portable. You can carry the unit with one hand and the wand/hose in the other or just pull it along with the hose.
  • Impressive suction – Good performance, powerful 12 amps motor vacuum and it’s easy to use/operate.
  • Power-touch handle with easy-to-use fingertip controls – You can adjust the vacuum suction power as needed easily.
  • Switch on the floor head – Switching between bare floors and carpets cleaning with just push of a button.
  • Onboard attachments – Tools for upholstery and a brush to sucks up dirt and other small particles from areas that is difficult to reach.
  • Time saving – You can clean the floors faster with the 7 foot durable hose with 2 more hose extensions for maximum reach.
  • Convenient – It’s suitable for used at home and autos (car).


  • Vacuum bags are not popular, if you need one in hurry they are sometime hard to find but you can order them from on-line store such as
  • It doesn’t have an automatic cord rewind. The cord can be wound around the base of the vacuum for storage.
  • This filter-less vacuum is not very good for those that suffered asthma and allergies but you cannot compare it with the high-end vacuums.
  • It’s not for heavy-duty or large room/house cleaning but for average users you will be happy with their performance and price.

I highly recommend you read the real customer reviews that come from persons that had used Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite canister vacuum and leave their comments here.


Conclusion: Cheap Vacuum Model and It’s One of the Best Seller in Major Online Stores

If you expect more high-tech model and the price also quite high, then this Eureka 3670G is not for you!!

For less than 100 bucks, you can get this vacuum and this is the best cheap canister vacuum available in the market now. Where can you get The Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite canister vacuum for the best price?

I think this is really an important question as we want to be sure that you’re getting a really best deal.  So I’ve done some extensive research for you and found it to be

Overall, this little vacuum can really deliver what you expect but it’s not the most outstanding canister out there. But if you compare the price with other canister vacuums, it’s far cheaper!!

If you order today you can get a special discount on the normal purchase price of the Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite canister vacuum.  These special deals don’t last long so if you have enjoyed reading the many benefits and features of this vacuum then this may be the ideal canister vacuum for you.

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