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Is Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum 4122 Suitable For You?

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum 4122 Complete Review

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum 4122Are you tired of carrying your heavy vacuum machine around your home just to keep every area of your house free from dust and dirt? Then trusting Bissell Zing bagged canister vacuum is the best option that you can ever make.

Designed for bare floors, stair rugs, carpet and even above floor cleaning, the latest Bissell Zing bagged Canister Vacuum, 4122 is designed to make cleaning as effortless as how you want it to be. It is a latest innovation that you should anticipate for its features.

The product comes in a portable design that allows you to bring the vacuum canister anywhere in your home without the risk of suffering from backaches due to carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner as you clean.

It is designed to do minimal noise as it operates giving you a quite time doing all the cleaning and keeping dust and dirt away from any space in your home. Since it comes in a handy size, storing is also a breeze. You just have to spare at least a small space anywhere in your home and you can get and store it conveniently whenever needed.

Let’s see the Bissell Zing vacuum in actions now:

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What Are the Great Features and Specifications of This Canister Vacuum?

The following are the notable features of Bissell Zing bagged canister vacuum, 4122:

  • The lightweight Bissell Zing bagged Canister Vacuum has a powerful suction power that is intended for getting dirt and dusts from both high and low places.
  • The product is designed with Variable Suction Control for adjusting the power you want when cleaning different surfaces.
  • It is designed with a multi-surface cleaning technology this means that it can easily turn from cleaning carpets and rugs to ceramic tiles and hard floors. This is all possible with just a flipping a switch.
  • It uses pre-motor foam filter (Not the HEPA filter which is more popular).
  • The cleaner has a Telescoping Wand for comfortable cleaning in the height you want.
  • The vacuum has swivel head that can let you clean some of the places that are difficult to reach.
  • It has a full bag indicator that will tell you when to empty the bag to maintain its high cleaning performance throughout your chore.
  • It has 17’ power cord (not very long) and hence may require you to plug and re-plug while cleaning a big room.
  • It has an Automatic Cord Rewind that makes it easy for you to retract the cord whenever you are done cleaning specific areas.
  • Aside from carrying the product, it also has wheels that would keep it rolling easily wherever you may go as you clean.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
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Discover The Pros and Cons of Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum 4122


  • Cheaper unit of vacuum compare to some other models and it’s easy to assemble.
  • It has a lightweight and portable design that allows you to carry it as you clean unlike some other models you once have.
  • It’s suitable for various surface types like carpet including low pile carpet, upholstery, stairs and bare floors.
  • Its telescope wand just makes the entire cleaning process pain free since you clean almost any surface without carrying a heavy upright cleaner.
  • Comes with other cleaning accessories that make the cleaning in any surface trouble-free.


  • The cord may be a bit shorter than what you are expecting from vacuum cleaner for your stairs, but with providing an extension cord, this small disadvantage can be solved.
  • Another problem is that the cleaning performance may differ once the bag starts to get filled. To prevent this from affecting you it is best that you keep it emptied whenever it is about to full.
  • No headlight and soft bumper to prevent furniture scratches.
  • No clean filter indicator.

Well, Bissell Zing bagged Canister Vacuum purple 4122 is suitable for those who are looking for a new vacuum cleaner that is portable and not heavy-duty at the same time. This is an ideal vacuum for hardwood floors, ceramic tile as well as carpet. If you are still uncertain, you can read more genuine customer reviews here.


Overall: This is a Cheaper Vacuum with Average Performances!

As you sum up everything that Bissell Zing bagged Canister Vacuum 4122 has to offer, there is no doubt that this is one of the best cheap replacement you can get for your canister vacuum cleaner.

It can work according to your needs and keep the cleaning process as easy as how you ever want it to be. Although this is not the best canister vacuum in term of quality and performance, but it’s still one of the cheap vacuum with average performance.

This is one of the best products from Bissell, which assures you that it will do its job accordingly making every dollar you spent worth it. So, for those who are looking for a lightweight canister vacuum that you can carry in any room or area in your home, Bissell Zing bagged Canister Vacuum 4122 is the ultimate solution that you should get.

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