Canister Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

10 Tips to Help You Get the Best Canister Vacuum

Buying the canister vacuums is most complicated to who are conscious about cleanliness. Moreover, I researched on some most popular models on the market. Then I made a list of some best canister vacuums that will make your decision a little less confusing.

There I realized that customers always look forward to different features and different budgets. So finally I make together of all their needs and requirements and pick only those models they are seeking for. Hopefully, all of them fulfill your aspects.

Nothing is comparable with a freshly clean vacuumed floor, to make you really feel at home. Therefore a canister vacuum is more convenient than an upright for some tasks. They are a great hand for cleaning those tough to reach areas with the best flexibility and maneuverability.

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Choose the Best Canister – What to Pay Attention to?

It’s always true that each and every model has its own advantage and disadvantage depending on how efficiently you use it. Also, depends on your home economics and how often you use it. So to make your job more comfortable, I pick some features that will lead you to choose the best canister vacuums. Check below-

  1. Suction Power (Performance)

Initially, the first indicator for you to check the performance is “the vacuum’s suction power”. Normally this measured through the watts. So obviously the higher motor power reflects the suction power. In the hope that best canister vacuums is powerful enough to pick up most of the allergens and dust in floors and carpets.

  1. Filtration System

Cleaners vary from their own filtration systems. But it found in most of the research that HEPA filters are best for cleaner air. Particularly they will give you the best result on eliminating pollens, dust and any kind of allergens. Hence after those cleaners that come with HEPA filters, those are advantageous for people with allergies or asthma. This recommendation is for their power of traps particles down to 0.3 microns. And thus this filter maintains fresher air environment.

  1. Bagged or Bagless

It always considers that the older designs are better at filtration. Usually, they are less noisy but you require replacing them over time. Though in many cases bagless vacuums are lower on operating costs and not requires to buy a replacement, people got some different reactions. According to their opinion, the overall performance is not as good as the bagged vacuum. Moreover, the initial cost is higher of the bagless canister. And they seemed usually noisier than bagged vacuum.

  1. Cost

It’s not funny at all. Because it really makes enough sense for who are really conscious about budgets. So spend depending on individual budget. At first, fix a price range before you purchase. You shouldn’t feel like you are spending more for the best canister vacuums than what you envisioned.  Actually fixing a budget is purely depends on personal preference. Yet normally a good and reliable canister is available on above $300. But don’t forget expensive units have always more accessories and better features.

  1. Quietness (Noise Level)

It actually matters for them who always do the cleaning at night. In maximum case, the quiet canister vacuums are always preferred. For your easy consideration vacuum cleaners normally fall around 60 to 65db for silent vacuums. Rather 80db is minimum for loud cleaners.

  1. Usage Areas

You should know where you will be using the canister vacuum. What part of your house needs the canister – including the floor types! The canister machine is better performs on hard floors than carpets.

Other than that, you should know that the powerful canister cleaners can be use for cleaning large areas. If you have small house or apartment, you can get the lightweight cleaners like stick or cordless vacuums.

  1. Perfect Brand

Does brand make any difference? Well, in many models, manufacturers include or advantage features. And they also prefer to add more onboard attachments for some particular models. As well as making the best canister vacuums worth to buy.

  1. Charming Designs

There is some special purpose design that gives you the best output. For example best canister vacuums is excellent above on floor cleaning for linoleum, bare floor surfaces, wood, tiles etc. They act ideally for those who always like to clean dust with lightweight vacuum cleaners. Or for those who are seeking lightweight carpet cleaners. There exists a variety of vacuums with varieties of cleaning purpose. Few cleaners come with some special design for pet hair, few may be better for pick up dirt on hard floor or carpet. And the canister vacuum comes with all facilities to clean everything at home.

  1. Warranty

We always know that the longer and fuller the warranty, the more reliable the best canister vacuum is! Normally warranties differ from brand to brand. Likewise, Dyson offers five-year warranties while others offer maximum for one year. It found to say some reviewers that Miele offers up to seven years warranty with great performance. And yes, don’t forget to check is the vacuum has the customer support or not. Because it is equally important while your machine faces some problem and needs service from customer support team.

  1. Additional Points You Have to Consider

Hopefully in time between you have done your research to isolate a handful of contenders. Designs keep an important impact on easier use. Remember, heads with the spinning brush is dynamite for cleaning carpeting. Especially in the case of when you have any pets that shed.

According to your requirements, always note the special features to pick the best canister vacuums for your job. Before purchase don’t forget to check out customer reviews available at online stores. You can also thoroughly read what others have had to say about your desired vacuum cleaners.


Our Top Choices for Best Canister Vacuum

The following comparison chart let you know some of the most popular canisters in the market with different prices and features.

Our RatingFull Review
Higher Price
Miele S2121 Olympus
(Best Seller)
1200 wattsAir Clean13.0 lbsBagged4.5 / 5.0Click here
Miele S6270 Quartz1200 wattsAir Clean14.6 lbsBagged4.5 / 5.0Click here
Panasonic MC-CL93512 ampsHEPA14.2 lbsBagless4.4 / 5.0Click here
Miele S2121 Capri1200 wattsAir Clean14.5 lbsBagged4.4 / 5.0Click here
Dyson DC39 Multi FloorN/AHEPA16.9 lbsBagless4.1 / 5.0Click here
Average Price
Panasonic MC-CG917 OptiFlow12 ampsHEPA12.3 lbsBagged4.3 / 5.0Click here
Bissell 1161 Hard Floor ExpertN/APre-Motor Foam9.1 lbsBagless4.2 / 5.0Click here
Electrolux UltraActive EL4300B12 ampsHEPA12.5 lbsBagless4.1 / 5.0Click here
Panasonic MC-CG90212 ampsHEPA17.6 lbsBagged4.1 / 5.0Click here
Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986A9 ampsHEPA12.0 lbsBagged4.1 / 5.0Click here
Cheaper Price
Eureka Mighty Mite, 3670G12 ampsNone8.6 lbsBagged4.3 / 5.0Click here
Bissell Zing Bagged, 4122N/APre-Motor8.0 lbsBagged4.3 / 5.0Click here
Ovente Cyclonic, ST20001200 wattsHEPA12.0 lbsBagless4.2 / 5.0Click here
Eureka Pet Lover, 3684F12 ampsHEPA8.6 lbsBagged4.1 / 5.0Click here
Dirt Devil Featherlite, SD4010010 ampsHEPA9.5 lbsBagless4.0 / 5.0Click here



Generally, this article is focus on how to choose a reliable canister vacuum.  If you follow those ten tips closely, you can get the good value vacuum without doubt. However, if you required a vacuum for specific needs, like for pet hair, carpet, or specific type of floors; then in the upcoming articles we will write more articles on that.

The canister units recommended here are some of the best models available in the market now. If you have budget constraints look for cheaper models, otherwise you can go for high end models that are definitely more features and powerful.

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