Canister Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Top 5 Benefits of Using Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is a challenging task with so many variations and brands available in market today. But before you decide on buying a particular model from a brand, the main decision lies in whether you need a canister vacuum or an upright machine.

Both different types of vacuums have their specific functions, features and benefits so it could be a time-consuming task to decide on which one to buy.

A canister vacuum is a cylindrical container that includes filter, motor and dust container inside it. You can pull these vacuums as they have small wheels and a suction hose is attached to the canister.

When you compare both types of vacuums, you will find canister vacuum to be more attractive in terms of ease of use and flexibility. But upright vac also not bad and some people also prefer it. So this article will cover the advantages of canister models over the rest.


Top 5 Benefits of Using Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Basically, every model of the vacuum has their pros and cons. Let us explore some of the benefits that this type of vacuums offers (generally):


1.    Versatile Usefulness

Canister vacuums are capable of handling different chores of cleaning. They come with varied attachments that make cleaning easier with different types of flooring, furniture and furnishings. You can even deal with difficult to reach areas like high ceilings, under furniture, upholstery and other places with the use of telescopic wand. It’s suitable for cleaning jobs in houses as well as at work places.

Canister vacuums are excellent choice for cleaning hardwood or tiled floor. Some models also work well with carpets, area rugs, stairs etc. They are offered with great attachments for cleaning drapes. You can easily reach high areas without any straining, stretching or lifting of heavy machines. Canisters also clean well over stairs. Its long hoses give you enough space to clean stairs as you move up and down the steps.

Canister machines are also designed with power heads that enable you to easily clean under bed, tables, sofa and other furniture. If in case the power head breaks, you can continue cleaning with another tool and can easily replace the head. On the other hand you will be trapped if head of your upright vac breaks down. You would need to contact a repair shop or may need to replace the whole machine. Another option that canisters offer is that you can have it either bagged or bagless.


2.    Powerful Suction

Canister vacuums have powerful suction so you can clean quick and deep. Even if you are a pet owner, canister vacuums with special tools for pet hair removal can be used. Better suction power will clean up entire house with a wink of an eye. They are designed with more powerful motors that give excellent performance of suction and airflow. This means that you get much cleaner space with canister vacuums in comparison to other cleaning appliances.


3.    Portability and Ease of Maneuveringcanister vacuum portability

Canister vacuums are light weight machines and you can easily carry them all around your place for cleaning. In upright vacuums, as you carry the vacuum you would need to push the weight of cleaner through the space but in light weight canisters are easy to move. Some canisters also include 360 degrees rotating hose attachment that makes cleaning easier. Even if you have places to clean above your head, this flexible hose allows you to reach all those high and tight places.


4.    Ease of Storage

Canister machines are smaller in size in comparison to upright vacuums and thus you can easily store them. For all those who have small space for storage, this type of cleaner will cause you no trouble. Even the parts and attachments of the vacuum can be stored inside or on the vacuum itself.


5.    Impressive Design and Filtration System

Canister cleaners are sealed tight and restricts from any allergens or dust particles to be released back in to air. It helps in maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment during and after vacuum cleaning. If you are asthma or allergy sufferer, there can be no better cleaning appliance than a high quality canister vacuum. A HEPA filtration system with your vacuum will be a treat for you as it removes 99.9% of dust and allergens from air thus gives you a cleaner air to breathe.

Canister’s dirt collection system is limited in comparison to that of upright vacuums and thus you may need to empty it multiple times if you are catering to a large space. When using canisters over hardwood or tiled floor, you must turn the beater bar off in order prevent any scratches or damages on your fine looking floor. This is an essential feature.



Canister vacuums usually last longer than upright canisters. Versatility and flexibility of use makes canister vacuums by far the best choice of all for small to medium sized rooms. However for really large spaces you should consider getting an upright canister vacuum.

Canister vacuums are known for their excellent cleaning ability especially for hard floors cleaning. However, if you have a full heavy carpeted room, you should consider getting an upright as canister may not work effectively well. Canisters are best recommended for hardwood floor and light carpeting.

Having so many options in terms of budget and features, you can make decision according to your personal preferences. So get a perfect canister vacuum according to your requirements and begin your household cleaning fully equipped.

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